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Mariano Argiolas was born in 1963 in Monserrato (Cagliari - Italy).
At the age of 12 years began to play mandolin and guitar by delight.
At the age of 13 he attended a private music class, where he learned the first theoretical notions, and the first lessons of classical guitar and clarinet.
In 1978 he enrolled at the Conservatory of Music "G. P. da Palestrina "in Cagliari where he studied cello with Maurizio Biancu, and graduated in 1989.
At the same time he cultivates a passion for Pop music and singing.
With the Saxophone and the Clarinet he played with traditional dance music bands and bands of Jazz in Sardinia, contributing to the financing of his studies.
During and after classical studies,

he has been part of various string and chamber orchestras.

For 2 years he studied composition for the practice of "basso continuo", and he was part, as a cellist, in several ensembles of Baroque Music, with whom he participated in many concerts, and performed 33 religious concerts in Italian churches.
He recorded for R.A.I. (Radio Televisione Italiana, regional headquarters for Sardinia).
Apart from classical music, numerous musical activities and different styles contributed to his musical training:
Latin; Pop music; Traditional jazz (dixieland); Swing; Blues; Sardinian folk music; Big Band.

He played in very important events and best hotels in Italy, Switzerland (Unisonor Geneve Agency), Holland, France, Argentina, Brazil.
In 2004 he settled in Belgium where he continues his musical activity among several styles and genres of parties and music lessons.
Mariano Sings in Italian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Sardinian language.

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